Reducing waste

In such a busy place, responsibly managing waste is essential.

We're committed to reducing and recycling waste produced onsite, which includes food, debris, scrap metals, packaging, sewage, waste oils and lubricants. Our airport staff and tenants play an important role meeting this objective.

Recent significant achievements

In recent years, we've:

  • conducted a recycling trial which led to the successful rollout of recycling bins throughout the T1 International and T2 Domestic terminals
  • conducted an audit of the airport's waste streams to identify future opportunities for resource recovery, particularly from construction and demolition activities
  • implemented a new waste contract in 2016, targeting a 30% recovery of recyclable and organic material from the non-quarantine general waste stream
  • installed an office recycling system in our offices to recycle paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, ink cartridges and batteries
  • established a water recycling plant, which takes wastewater from T1, treats the water and supplies it for toilet flushing and air conditioning cooling towers, rather than disposing of this wastewater offsite

Future directions

We're committed to:

  • increasing the percentage of recycled waste, recovered waste and waste diverted from landfill
  • targeting an increase in resource recovery from construction and demolition activities
  • creating and implementing a waste education strategy for tenants