Guidelines for news crews

Filming at check-in counters and security screening

We have a close, daily working relationship with Sydney’s key media. We'll make every effort to assist media in obtaining footage for news and current affairs programming. As part of this effort, a limited number of car spaces (marked with an ‘M’ for Media Parking) are provided for camera crews pre-approved by Sydney Airport. These are located on the departures ramp at T1 and on the departures ramp at the western end of T2. These parking spaces are not to be used for overnight parking and should not be used to drop-off or collect passengers.

To ensure we cater for the needs of passengers and airport staff, news crews should note the following guidelines when visiting the airport:

  • Sydney Airport requires prior notice of any camera crew accessing airport facilities. While we understand that breaking news does not always allow for a great deal of warning, we still require as much notice as possible. This should be done by calling 0437 033 479;
  • Any requests for filming of check-in counters and airline staff should in the first instance be made to the relevant airline. If the airline’s consent is not obtained, permission from Sydney Airport to film will not be granted and;
  • Do not film security staff or people dealing with security equipment.

These guidelines apply when filming in the T1 International and T2 or T3 Domestic terminals.