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Tourist Refund Scheme information

The Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) is part of the Australian Government tax system and allows the tax paid on the transaction to be reimbursed to all travellers when travelling out of the country with the goods (subject to certain conditions).

TRS is open to all overseas visitors and Australian residents, except for operating air crew. As you leave the country, you must wear or carry the goods as hand luggage with you to be inspected by the Australian Border Force (ABF) officers unless the goods are oversized or powders, liquids, aerosols and gels restricted to your packed luggage for security reasons.

More information can be found on the Australian Border Force website.

How to claim a refund

You can claim a refund if:

  • Purchased goods have been made within 60 days of departure
  • Your purchases is AU$300.00 (inc. GST) or more in one store
  • As the travelling passenger, you have paid for the goods
  • Present an original copy of the tax invoice to the ABF officers
  • Other terms and conditions as outlined here
Claim a refund using the TRS app

The Australian Government Department of Home Affairs have developed mobile and web Tourist Refund Scheme Applications (App) that allow you to enter the information required to lodge a TRS claim even faster. The information you enter will be stored in a QR code. This QR code is your TRS claim code. You must present it to an officer at the TRS facility on your departure from Australia.

Using the app you can enter:

  • Your travel details
  • Details of the goods for which you are claiming a refund of goods and services tax (GST) and/or wine equalisation tax
  • How you prefer to receive your tax refund
  • Further details can be found here
Where is the Tourist Refund Scheme office?

If your purchase is part of your carry-on luggage

After you have checked in for your flight, please make your way through the Passport Control and Security. The TRS office to right of the Heinemann Duty Free entrance. Please be sure to be there at least 90 minutes prior to your flight departure to allow sufficient time for the TRS Officers to complete your claim.

If your purchase is packed in luggage you intend to check in

If you want to make a TRS claim for powders, liquids, aerosols or gels and / or oversized items (such as golf clubs) that you are not able to take on board because of these limits, take your goods to the Australian Border Force Office for verification before you check in your luggage.

The Australian Border Force Office is located on Arrivals Level of the T1 International terminal near the Swissport office and glass lifts. You will need to do this before you check your luggage for your flight.

Find more information about these restrictions here.

If the TRS offices are closed

Australian Border Force endeavour to staff the TRS offices before all departing International flights. If the counters are closed, you may be able able to submit your claim by filling in a form and dropping your information into the dropbox located at the departures office. You will find this option at the TRS office to right of the Heinemann Duty Free entrance.

Terminal maps

A list of terminal and parking maps are available to view and download here.