Aviation opportunities

Australia ranks #1 amongst international travellers for desirability, consideration and intention of travel, based on our top 12 international traveller source markets.

Sydney Airport is the gateway to Australia - and the #1 choice to grow your business. We have more routes, more frequencies, more destinations and more airlines than any other airport in Oceania and a proven formula for success. Our network is truly global, with flights to more than 55 international airports around the world servicing Australia’s biggest city and the world. We are also the freight capital of Australia, with 47% of the total volume of the Australian market. And, no other global city can match our convenient location, situated just 8km from central Sydney.

No wonder 48% of all tourists who visit Australia spend at least one night in Sydney.

Your Partner in Route Success

Our Aviation Partnerships team is ready to discuss your business objectives today, including the range of activities, incentives and initiatives on offer to ensure your growth and success. Our holistic approach to aviation partnerships includes a dedicated Aviation Marketing team who can help devise strategies tailor-made to your specific offering and target customer. Growing demand for travel through SYD is what we do, talk to us today about how we can help your business grow.

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